Travel Time!

The last couple of weeks in Augusta were amazing. We had a buyer for the house, the household goods were packed up, we moved into a hotel, Laura & Tim took a trip to Tennessee for a few days away together, and we ate out all over town while saying good-bye to friends, coworkers, and our beloveds. On the morning to go, we took a picture of our luggage because the pile was so big. We had weighed every piece to optimize the loading across the checked baggage and we marked them all with red tape so we could easily find them on “the other side.”


The kids (Josh, Shelby and Tim) took us to the airport in two cars. We bought a jacket for Joel along the way that turned out to be a lifesaver for him. We were surprised at the airport by Patty Pearson & Carla Taylor who decided to drive over from work to say good-bye at the last minute. It made me cry as soon as I saw them. What friends! So they were the kind ones who took the picture below, the last one we had of all of us before leaving Georgia.


The flight was nice for all of us. We managed to get a row of four seats together, thanks to one kind individual and we each had our own screen in front of our seat with a huge choice of movies and TV shows to watch. The Hunger Games had just come out and we were surprised to see it on the list! The flight was an over-nighter and we lost six hours along the way. Nobody got a lot of sleep but we all got some and the excitement of arriving in Germany was all we needed to keep us going the first day of our arrival.

We’re here! We’re in Germany! It’s an amazing feeling.


(This is the first moment in Germany as we were getting into the car to leave the Frankfurt Airport.)



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