We discovered at the last minute that the LAST weekend for Legoland Deutschland’s 2012 season was Joel’s birthday weekend. We made a last-minute decision the night before and woke him up in the morning to “kidnap” him. We didn’t tell him where we were going, just that we were going on a trip as his birthday present and it would be someplace fun. Carys couldn’t go along because she wasn’t feeling well, unfortunately. Joel quickly discovered where we were headed (he found a map in the car) and he was very excited.


We rode lots of rides together, saw some tremendous Lego creations to include various European cities created out of Legos and other major cities of the world. We had lots of fun flying in the air on various rides; rode a train around the park and made the most of our time together.


P1000574     P1000562  P1000560

Joel must have thanked us every hour throughout the day. He was so happy and you know that made his Mom and Dad the happiest of all.


Back at home, we celebrated as a four-some and Joel received a cell-phone for his birthday. It was a great birthday!



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